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Your hosts Carrol and Roy Williams always wanted to live on a ranch.
In 1972 they found this add in the "Western Lifestock Journal":
         Real cattle ranch for sale!
         "The Old Goodwin Place"

Well, they bought the ranch and started a cow/calf operation. In 1977 the Williams family sold the ranch and moved to Alaska. They went back to Arizona in June 1982 and got the ranch back. Only 1/3 of the cattle herd was left. So they had to restock the ranch.
Carrol and Roy Williams always had many private guests: family, friends... so in 1992 they decided to take guests. They didn't want to run a normal dude ranch but wanted to show just a few guests per week how they live and work at a real working ranch.

After more than 20 years in the guest business the Williams family decided to take a break: The ranch house, the bunk house, yard and corrals... the whole place needs a big fix up... so they can start the guest business again in 2015.

Till then the Williams family offers very limited space for only a few guests; for instance during the round up weeks in Spring and Fall. And some weeks with a mix between trailriding and cattle work... Please have a look at our ranch vacation page for more information or send an email to Steffi.

In 2014 the Williams Family still offers real ranch Bar-BQ for groups, which want to visit the Hassayampa River Wilderness. Please note, you need an ATV or 4x4 truck to drive all the way to the ranch. Please visit our Bar-BQ page for more information or contact Carrol Williams by email.

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